Under the Technology category, in the benefits tab of your Coverflex account, you will be able to download a pdf listing all the products available. Once you decide which product(s) you're getting, copy the reference(s) (eg. MGN63PO/A) from the pdf and paste it in the app.

Your product information will show up, so you can confirm it and add it to the cart. Once you confirm your cart and place your order, the corresponding amount will be kept on hold until your company approves it. As soon as it is confirmed, your order will be placed directly to Apple and you'll be notified about the shipping information. If the products are in stock, you can expect them to arrive within 2 weeks.

Please note:
- You'll only be able to find the option to buy Apple products if your company makes the option available.
- These purchases are invoiced with your company's fiscal information as they are completed on its behalf.
- To confirm stock before an order, contact [email protected].

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