In order for us to complete our Know Your Business (KYB) processes and have the necessary information to unlock all the products and services at Coverflex, we will request the following information when you open your account:

- RCBE (Central Register of the Beneficial Owner) - this is a database managed by the Notary and Registry Institute - a Portuguese public institution - that aims to keep an updated record of company shareholders*. You can download this document here, after clicking “Consultar”;
Deed of incorporation - this will allow us to validate the legal info (address, VAT, etc...) provided. Please have a look at the expiration date on the document - we need it to be valid on submission day;
Personal identification documents of company's managing partners (ID/Passport) - in order to subscribe to certain products and services, we will need the signature and ID of the people legally entitled to sign documents (please check on the Deed of Incorporation the minimum people whose signature is required - we need at least those signatures).
*The document is mandatory for companies and organisations carrying out business in Portugal.

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