With Coverflex you can invite friends and colleagues to join the Coverflex Meal and both earn €25! Find out all the details about the program and the criteria for recommending someone and receiving your award.

If you are the recommended person, check our FAQ here.

1. How can I join Coverflex Meal?

Access the Coverflex referral program page here.

Now just fill in the form to generate the invite code that you can use to make recommendations.

Once you have the code on your side, you can share it wherever you want.

Just copy the code link or share it directly on social media, WhatsApp and/or via email. At the same time, you will receive an sms and an email with your share code so you can invite your friends whenever you need to.

This code link will be unique and assigned only to you. All companies that become Coverflex Meal customers through your exclusive link will qualify to earn €25 and, consequently, so will you, provided that all criteria are met.

2. Is there a limit to the number of people/companies I can recommend?

Not. As long as you are a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer, there is no limit to the number of people you can recommend. If the company of a person you recommended becomes a Coverflex Meal customer, both you and the person who recommended you will receive a €25 gift card!

3. How can I qualify to win €25?

A qualified recommendation occurs when the company of the recommended person becomes a Coverflex Meal customer (with at least one associate employee).

Recommendations are classified as qualified when the following conditions are met:

  • Whoever recommends it is a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal client;

  • The recommended person's company became a Coverflex Meal customer with their invitation code;

  • The recommended person's company was not a Coverflex customer at the time they used their invite code.

4. How can I receive the €25 gift card?

When all the conditions of the previous point are met, both the recommender and the recommended person will receive an email with the respective gift card. The contact email will correspond to your company's registered data on Coverflex.

The prize will be a €25 Mastercard digital gift card, which can be used anywhere that the provider accepts.

5. Where can I use the gift card?

You can use your digital gift card anywhere online that accepts Mastercard.

You will receive three alerts within a maximum period of 90 days to redeem your gift card.

Warning: Make sure you redeem it within that time, so you can use it!

The gift card is void if it is not redeemed after 90 days, after which it will no longer work.

6. In what situations do I not receive my prize?

You will not be able to receive the €25 gift card in the following situations:

  • Not a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer;

  • You are a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer, but the company of the person you recommended has only registered with Coverflex, not becoming a customer;

  • You are a Coverflex customer but the recommended person's company did not use your invitation code when registering with Coverflex;

  • You are a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer and the person recommended was also one, when you used your invitation code.

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