Did you receive an invitation to join Coverflex Meal? Good news!

You will have access to a VISA meal card that doesn’t have a closed network of partners and allows you to access several discounts. And… you also get 25€!

Discover all the details about what you can expect from the moment you receive an invitation for your company to join Coverflex Meal.

1. How can I join Coverflex Meal?

To join Coverflex Meal, access the link shared with you, fill in the information with your data and click on “Experimentar”.

And that's it! Your application for the Coverflex partner program has been received. Now you just have to click on “Começar” so that we can start your process at Coverflex.

Enter your email to start Coverflex's fully autonomous onboarding process - unless you need our help at some stage, you won't have to talk to anyone to start using the platform! In the end, the gift card will be waiting for you :)

Keep in mind that the email you must put on the Coverflex website must be the same email you provided in the previous point. If not, we will not be able to give you the €25 gift card.

2. If someone recommends me, how do I know if I qualify for the €25?

A qualified recommendation happens when your company becomes a Coverflex Meal customer (with at least one associate employee) through the invitation code that the person who invited you sent you.

Recommendations are classified as qualified when the following conditions are met:

  • The person who recommended him/her is a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer;

  • Your company has become a Coverflex Meal customer with the invitation code of the person who recommended it;

  • Your company was not a Coverflex Meal customer at the time you used your invitation code.

3. In what situations do I not receive my prize?

  • If the person who recommended you is not a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer at the time the invitation code was used by your company;

  • If the person who recommended you is a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer, but your company has only registered with Coverflex, not becoming a customer;

  • If the person who recommended you is a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer, but your company, at the time of registration, did not use the invitation code sent to you;

  • If the person who recommended you is a Coverflex or Coverflex Meal customer and you are also a customer at the time the recommendation was made.

4. How can I receive the €25 gift card?

When all the conditions of the previous point are met, both the recommender and the recommended person will receive an email with the respective gift card.

Your contact email will be equivalent to the data provided in the registration phase in the form in point 1 of this FAQ.

The prize will be a €25 Mastercard digital gift card, which can be used anywhere that the provider accepts.

5. Where can I use the gift card?

You can use your digital gift card anywhere online that accepts Mastercard.

You will receive three alerts within a maximum period of 90 days to redeem your gift card.

Warning: Make sure you redeem it within that time, so you can use it!

The gift card will be void if it is not redeemed after 90 days, after which it will no longer work.

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