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Coverflex Wallet Report

This article will help you understand what the reports regarding your Wallet subscription are about, how to download them and also how to use them.




How do I extract the available report?

To extract the available reports, simply access the "Wallet" tab > "Reports" in the upper right corner of the screen and select one of the available options: "Accounting Report", "Payroll Processing Report", and "Benefits Balance Report".


What is the purpose of the "Accounting Report"?

This report aims to:

Document the respective accounting entries related to the use of benefits and/or professional expenses, as well as the loading of the Meal Wallet (Meal Allowance), assist the person responsible for accounting entries, and provide evidence of the available balance (of the customer).

In this report, you will find: invoices and equivalent documents, as well as proof of the meal allowance top-up, a list of benefits and/or professional expenses used in the relevant period, and the balances of the company's account (customer's Wallet) and Benefits accounts (Employee's Wallet Benefits compartment).


What is the purpose of the "Payroll Report"?

This report aims to assist in the processing of payroll information, including the preparation of DMR (Declaration of Remuneration) reports.

You will find a breakdown of each employee's expenses by benefit category within the selected time period.


What is the purpose of the "Benefits Balance Report"?

The purpose of this report is to indicate the benefits balance for each employee within the selected time period.

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