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What covers the Professional & Training benefit and how does it work?

This article provides clarification on the main questions regarding the Professional Training Benefit.




What is this benefit and what is the associated tax exemption?

This benefit allows you to pay for professional training, exempt from social security contributions (TSU) and income tax (IRS). For this purpose, it is assumed that the training is directly contracted by your company for your benefit, properly documented, and has a clear impact on your role and development.


What expenses are considered in the Professional Training Benefit?

This benefit can be used for universities, other educational institutions, or online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, INDEG - ISCTE Business School, Universidade Nova, Porto Business School, and similar institutions. Please note that these expenses must be related to your role within the company to qualify as Professional Training expenses.


What are the payment methods for the Professional Training Benefit?

This category operates only under the reimbursement method.


Why do I not have this benefit available?

The company can determine which benefits and payment methods will be made available for employees to use. If you do not have the benefit or a payment method available, it means your company has not included this option in your benefits package.


My balance is lower than the invoice amount. Can I still request reimbursement?

Refer to your company's benefits policy to answer this question, as the decision to accept or decline this type of reimbursement is solely up to the company.

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