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What is the Senior Expense benefit and how does it work?

This article provides clarification on the main questions regarding the Senior Expenses Benefit.




What is this benefit and what is the associated tax exemption?

This benefit allows you to pay for expenses related to senior homes, social support establishments, and medical and medication-related assistance for your senior family members, among other senior-related expenses, exempt from social security contributions (TSU).


What expenses are considered in the Senior Expenses Benefit?

Senior expenses include all costs associated with day care centers, senior homes, home medical care for seniors, and similar services.


What are the payment methods for the Senior Expenses Benefit?

You can use it with the card at day care centers, senior residences, and similar entities that have a Visa POS terminal. You can also use it through a reimbursement process, find out how it works here. You can use it as you wish at places like Montepio Residences, José de Mello Residences and services, and similar entities!


Why do I not have this benefit available?

The company can determine which benefits and payment methods will be made available for employees to use. If you do not have the benefit or a payment method available, it means your company has not included this option in your benefits package.


My balance is lower than the invoice amount. Can I still request reimbursement?

Refer to your company's benefits policy to answer this question, as the decision to accept or decline this type of reimbursement is solely up to the company.

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