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How can I top up my Coverflex account?

The Coverflex account must be topped up through a bank transfer.

Each company has an exclusive IBAN designated for bank transfers, and it's only necessary to perform the transfer to the provided details on the platform. After the transfer, the time frame for the amount to become available is 1 business day.

It's important to note that, while the account and funds are managed by Pecunia Cards, the legal beneficiary of the transfer will be the legal name of your company. Furthermore, it's crucial that the transfer is conducted through the SEPA system (Single Euro Payments Area). Otherwise, the transfer amount will be returned. This process ensures that the funds are successfully loaded into your Coverflex platform account.

After your company account has been topped up, you’ll be able to top up your employees’ accounts by specifying the amounts you wish to allocate. These top-ups happen in the moment, no need to wait.


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