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Setting up my Coverflex account

Welcome to Coverflex! Your journey begins with our onboarding process, and this article will explain, step by step, how to get started with Coverflex, using our simple and intuitive online platform. 

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Invite e-mail

First things first! How do you access the platform for the first time? Well, that’ll be through the invitation e-mail you’ll be sent within 24 hours of signing up for Coverflex. Once you receive it, your link will be valid for 48 hours, so be sure to click on it and get started within that time frame.


Is the link not working? Never fear. Reach out to us via the chat or through the e-mail so we can send you a new one.

Company info

So, you’ve opened the link and want to know what’s coming next. The first step is to create a password. Make sure it has at least 8 characters, including an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and at least one number or special character.

Next, you’ll need to confirm the company’s tax number and some company information, such as the company’s address, phone number, and billing contact details.

Next, you’ll need to add the details of the company manager, including their ID or passport number and country of residence. Note that even if your company has more than one company manager, we only need the information of one of them. If your company has a proxy, and they will be signing on behalf of the company during the Coverflex process, you should include their details too.


The following screen asks you to upload your company documents. We need these to meet the requirements of our payment services partner PecunPay, in line with anti-money-laundering regulations. You can find a detailed description of the documents we need in this article, such as the fact that the ID documents (of all managers or board members) must be in colour and all documents must be valid.


Adding employees

You’re now ready to upload your employees’ information. You have two choices here: you can either download our Excel template, fill it in, and upload it, or you can click “enter manually” and type in the details of each employee.


A word to the wise: if you do choose to use the template, please watch out for extra spaces before, after, or in the middle of the information. The upload will fail if you include these. You also won’t be able to leave gaps, so if you don’t know some of the required information, please check in with your employee to find out about it before uploading the documento. It's really important that you check that the NIF (tax number) you submit for each employee is correct, as PecunPay will use this to create the employees' accounts.

We’ll show you a summary of all the employees you’ve uploaded before you continue.


Card name and shipping address

We’re almost there! The next step is to choose the company name you want the Coverflex cards to show, right underneath the employee’s name.


Following this, you’ll choose whether you want your cards to be shipped to the company's address or the employees' home addresses. Regardless of the option you choose, the cards take about 12 working days to be delivered. If you choose to have the cards shipped to the company's address, the cards will be sent as soon as you complete the onboarding process. If you choose to have them sent to the employees' addresses, we’ll send each employee their card once they confirm their address on the platform, when they create their account using the e-mail invite we send them.


The PIN of the card is sent via SMS when the card is activated by the employee on the platform, so no need to worry about these being sent by post.

Subscription and payment

Last step! Choose who you want to invite to Coverflex by checking the boxes next to their names, and choose whether you’d rather pay monthly or annually. On the last page, type in your credit card details and confirm your payment. And you’re done!


Need some help? We’re here for you! Get in touch with us via chat, by clicking on the bubble in the bottom left corner of the page, or send an e-mail to


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